Speaking Engagements & Presentations

I enjoy teaching and sharing my stories and experiences as a full-time professional Nature photographer for over twenty years. My approach to speaking engagements is a mix of education, inspiration and humor. I have spoken at hundreds of Camera Clubs over the years as well as both in person and online professional photography events. I am available for both online and in person engagements.

Please contact me to discuss your schedule and speaking fee budget. I am willing to work with photo clubs at a very reasonable rate to give their members a great experience and new knowledge.

I am happy to work with your club or organization to tailor a high end, highly informative presentation on the art and science of nature and landscape photography. Please contact me to discuss.

Below is a list of past speaking engagements and conferences I has participated in (to name only a small fraction):

  • Northern Virginia Photographic Society
  • PSA of Southern California Chapter
  • Nature Visions Confrence
  • Sierra Club of New York City
  • Baltimore Photographic Club
  • London Camera Club
  • literally over 100 photo club/organizations