West Virginia Waterfalls & Vistas Workshop - June 2- 4, 2023 - 3 Spaces Open

Cost: $895.00 - $250.00 Due at Registration
Location: Canaan Valley, WV
Group Size: 8

3 Spaces Open

Much more than waterfalls, this workshop will cover the four most unique features of the West Virginia Highlands: Dolly Sods looking out across a vast expanse of rolling mountain tops from a windswept ridge covered in stunted spruce tree’s and scattered with rocky crags, some of the best waterfalls in the state, Elekala Falls and Douglas Falls to name two, Lindy Point looking down Blackwater Canyon and Appalachian woodlands scenes in the Monongahela National Forest.

In addition to photographing all these gems, we will have classroom sessions covering image composition, use of natural light, the fundamentals of image processing in Adobe Lightroom and image critiques. Clients are guaranteed to not only leave this workshop with a better understanding of the concepts and techniques regarding creating compelling landscape imagery, but also advanced image development, not to mention images worthy of hanging on your walls!

West Virginia Waterfalls Workshop Schedule

Friday: Meet at 1:00pm for opening orientation and introductions and classroom session focusing on shooting techniques. Afterwards we depart for a afternoon/sunset.

Saturday: Sunrise/Morning Shoot. Class Sessions in the afternoon on creative compositions, use of light and other techniques. Afternoon/Sunset shoot.

Sunday: Sunrise shoot. Class session on editing in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop with image critiques. Afternoon/Sunset field session. Workshop concludes after sunset.

Activity Level: Moderate. We will have some short hikes, no more than a mile, over at times uneven and rocky terrain. For the waterfalls you must be able to negotiate and scramble down steel hillsides and along rocky and narrow stream beds.


Joseph will focus on learning to “see” the landscape in new ways; unlocking creativity in situations that require conceptual and compositional ingenuity. In addition to composition and creative vision, they will discuss the best use of light and subject matter to create a memorable and remarkable images. During classroom sessions we will focus on creative and technical skills to help unlock vision & creativity. Image critiques will allow you to get feedback on your work throughout the week ensuring that you hone your skills and continue to push your personal and creative boundaries. Classroom editing sessions will cover Joe’s unique and creative approach to image development. In addition, you will leave the workshop with a gorgeous fine art print of your own made on professional fine art paper and printed with the top of the line ink jet printer.