Ricketts Glen Waterfalls Workshop - June 3-5, 2022

Dates: June 3-5, 2022
Ricketts Glen State Park, PA

Workshop Description:

Come capture dozens of waterfalls and gorgeous spring foliage during the quiet hours at Ricketts Glen State Park. This weekday workshop will be the perfect addition to your spring photography, with classroom time and plenty of one-on-one instruction in the field.

Workshop Itinerary:

Friday June 3rd - The workshop starts at 5pm with a meet and greet followed by photographic presentations focusing on field techniques for the weekend ahead.

Saturday June 4th - We will carpool over to the Ricketts Glen Trailhead arriving at sunrise to begin the morning hike. We will spend the next 4 -5 hours shooting waterfalls in the park. Return to hotel for 2 hours of photography presentations on developing images. Head back to Ricketts Glen for a sunset shoot in the park.

Sunday June 5th - Carpool over to Ricketts Glen and begin our hike at sunrise, spend 4-5 hours shooting waterfalls. Hike out and have lunch together at a local eatery. Return to trailhead and hike the falls again shooting until late in the afternoon. Workshop ends after returning to trailhead. Goodbyes.

Physical Difficulty:

Participants must be in good physical condition and be able to hike on average of 4 miles per day over steep and sometimes rocky terrain.

Getting to Canaan Valley & Lodging:

The closest major airport is Wilkes-Barree Scranton International Airport.

We will be lodging in Wilkes-Barre area. This is the closest location to the park with hotels and restaurants. We will provide you with a hotel booking code after registration. The drive to the trailhead in the park is approximately 45 minutes.


Triangular Falls