The Wonders of Oregon's Coast Photography Workshop - Sept. 1-5, 2024 -1 Spot


Dates: September 1-5, 2024
Location: Bandon, Oregon
Cost: $2,500.00 - 500.00 Deposit
Limited: 6 Participants

1 Space Available

Discover mystical seascapes on the Oregon coast. Witness the power of water and time through weather-beaten sea stacks. Explore unique rock formations and old lighthouses from Wizard's Hat to Port Orford Heads. Join us on a 5-day workshop to experience nature's ultimate seascapes.

Get ready to pack your camera and join us on the stunning Oregon Coast! Famous for its dramatic cliffs, towering monoliths, and charming lighthouses, this rugged coastline is a paradise for photographers. Experience the raw power of the Pacific Ocean and capture memories that will last a lifetime!


Day One: 7pm Meet & Greet followed by instructional presentations on coastal and seascape photography.

Day Two: Sunrise/morning field session. Afternoon break and critiques. Afternoon/sunset field session.

Day Three: Sunrise/morning field session. Afternoon break/processing class. Afternoon/sunset field session.

Day Four: Sunrise/morning field session. Afternoon break. Afternoon/sunset field session.

Day Five: Sunrise/morning field session. Workshop concludes at 10am.

We will do our best to get you out shooting as much as possible! This is not a photo-vacation, but more of a photo bootcamp. We will be up very early every morning and out ro locations in time to photograph sunrise and through the golden hour. Each afternoon, we will be out early scouting and shooting through golden hour and till after sunset. QWe will break mid day for meals and get togethers for classroom style photo processing and critiques.

Workshop Includes

  • Sunrise and Sunset Photo Sessions
  • Field sessions
  • Creativity/Technique Class
  • Processing Class
  • Photography, Fun, Adventure and Learning

Does Not Include

  • Airfare
  • Lodging (We have arranged for group lodging, and booking information is provided upon registration. The lodging fee is not included in the workshop rate, and also does not include gratuities)
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Trip Insurance
  • Incidentals


There are some locations that require hikes up to 1 mile each way over rocky and sometimes uneven terrain. We will be walking and shooting along the coastline and you can expect to be down where the water and waves are breaking to get stunning landscape compositions. Be prepared to get wet! We will send a recomended set of gear 60 days in advence so you can be fully prepared for the workshop.

Recommended Gear

The following items are recommendations for your upcoming OREGON COAST workshop. Please note that most items are not necessary for you to participate in the workshop, but encouraged if you already own them. If you do not own items on the list, there is no need to purchase. This workshop will be a place for you to learn from your instructors and other participants about their equipment preferences.

Camera Body, Back-Up Camera, Body, Tripod legs & head


Wide Angle (17-40mm range)
General (24-105mm range)
Telephoto (100-400mm range)


Graduated NeutralDensity
Neutral Density (5-10 stop)

Cable Release
Cleaning Cloths
Batteries & Charger
Memory Cards
Rain/water cover for camera/lens


Laptop Computer
Power supply
Card reader with cables
Jump drive

Weather and Clothing

Weather in coastal Oregon in August is warm and lovely - daytime temps averaging around 86 degrees with lows of 55 at night. Bringing layers to account for being out in various temperatures is recommended. While there is not a high chance of rain, it’s always good to be prepared, and because we’ll be photographing near the water/rocks, bringing a rain or waterproof cover for your camera and lens is wise. Please make sure to stay hydrated, drinking water throughout the day as well as the night.

We also highly recommend waders or river sandals with neoprene socks for photographing along the edge of the water.