Iceland's Midnight Sun Photography Tour

June 5-12, 2022
8 Amazing Days in Iceland!

A photography adventure touring the land of ice and fire. Limited to a small group of 6 photographers.

Vesterhorn Mountain in southeast Iceland at sunset.

Iceland truly is a photographers paradise and at this time of the year we will have the benefit of shooting during the "midnight sun" allowing us to be on location when almost all other tours are sleeping. In addition to having some truly mind blowing locations free of crowds, we will also be able to shoot sunset, twilight and sunrise all in the same shoot extending the period of good light from an hour to several hours.

Iceland is world renowned for its stunning landscapes including mythical peaks, glaciers, volcanos, alien-like landscapes of the interior highlands, river deltas, black sand beaches and waterfalls that put the mighty Niagara Falls to shame to name but a few of the islands more noteworthy geological wonders.

On this tour we will be using 4x4 camper vans. The use of the 4x4 camper van allows us to access not only the Wonderfull scenery on the exterior ring of the island, but to also venture into the highlands where we will be crossing rivers and driving over roads that look like they were built by a martian civilization as we traverse the island from ring to interior in search of the very best light and locations. The 4x4 camper van also affords an extra level of comfort allowing you to sleep in a warm and comfortable space with out being in a tent in the wind, rain and often cool temperatures. The 4x4 camper rentals come with sleeping quarters, cooking gear, stove, small fridge, camping chairs and table making it not only a means of reliable transportation as well as hotel room and restaurant for the week.

Camping will allow us to be on location where the weather and light looks most promising. In addition to that, we will be able to park right next to our shooting location ( or very close by) to sleep, eating and shower during the day before heading out to shoot all night long. What an amazing time we will have!!


INSTRUCTOR: Joseph Rossbach
GROUP SIZE: 6 Participants maximum
INCLUDED: All instruction, guiding and post workshop one-on-one photo critiques and processing via Zoom.
NOT INCLUDED: Food, flights, camper van rental, hotels before or after the workshop
COST: $3295.00
DEPOSIT: A first $1000 deposit is required to secure a spot. Final payment is due 120 days before the start of the tour.

Kirkjufell Mountain fine art prints for sale.


Day one: Meet at 3pm, location to be determined. This will allow clients to get in on flights and to pick up their camper van rentals with time to spare. After meeting, we will visit a local grocery store to get some food supplies. We will travel to our fist location that afternoon.

Day two through seven: We will be traveling all over the island photographing waterfalls, coastal scenes, glacial lagoons, mountains, glacial rivers and so, so much more.

Day Eight: We will end in Keflavik by noon in order for folks to catch afternoon flights or to check into hotel if they are flying out on another date.

Skogafgoss waterfall in Southwest Iceland for sale as a limited edition fine art print.


A photography adventure you won’t soon forget! There’s a good reason that Iceland has become a hot spot of landscape photography. The land of the midnight sun simply gives photographers an opportunity like no other to get creative and capture beautiful images. Iceland can feel like another planet in one location and something straight out of another world. No matter the weather (which is always changing) there are photographs to be had. The field sessions are structured to not wear anyone out and get the most enjoyment of the surroundings and scenery. In the field techniques and tips will be provided to help capture images correctly "in camera" with the goal being that part becomes second nature and students can then focus on the creative aspects of landscape and nature photography. I will share with you any information you need to be the best photographer you can be from composition, to use of light, settings of the camera and much more.


  • DSLR & Lenses ranging from wide angle (12mm) to telephoto (300mm).

  • Camera manual

  • Memory cards

  • A very sturdy tripod

  • Cable Release Trigger

  • Filters (Circular Polarizing Filter, Graduated ND Filters and Solid ND filters for long exposures)

  • Lens cloths, rocket blower, etc.

  • Computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Notebook


  • Quick dry, lightweight long pants and shirts

  • Layers of warm clothing

  • Shoes that can get wet or muck boots

  • Waders

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Rain coat

  • Bug Spray

  • Sun Block

  • Umbrella

4x4 Camper Van Info

Average Cost for full week 2,495.00 USD
A 4x4 camper van is a ,must as we will be traveling into the remote highlands of Iceland over this tour.

This campervan has been customized for the F roads. With larger tires, raised chassis and suspension system from Seikel raised air intake for a river crossing, and a tire inflator to control the tire pressure. All this so you can go further exploring Iceland in a safe and comfortable way.The camper comes with all the essentials you need while traveling in Iceland. Large windows and (PANORAMA SUNROOF) with blackout curtains for the bright summer nights, a multi-colored led light system, and a cozy sofa bed with a quality spring mattress.

Includes w rental:

  • Sky roof you can open
  • Raised chassis
  • Large tiers
  • Tire inflator
  • Raised air intake
  • Gas stove + 1 gas
  • Tablet + free WIFI
  • Sink with running water
  • 2 Extra Battery
  • Refrigerator/Cooler
  • Linen, pillows, duvet
  • Cookware & kitchenware
  • High quality heating system
  • Bluetooth radio/speakers


Participants are responsible for their own travel to and from Iceland and must have a valid passport to do so. Temperatures this time of year can range from 40 - 60 degrees, with a variable climate including high winds and rain. It is important for participants to be in good physical health. There will not be any strenuous hikes on this trip but participants should be able to hike a couple miles with some elevation gains