Autumn on the Bayou Photography Workshop - October 30 - November 3, 2022 - Sold Out

Swampland Serindipity

October 31 - November 3, 2022
GROUP SIZE: 6 Participants maximum - Sold Out
COST: $2895.00
DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit is required to secure a spot with the final 50% balance due 90 days prior to workshop.

There is no place more beautiful and peaceful I have found then the cypress swamps of the southeastern US. Such a remarkable and unique destination for a landscape photographer to be able to capture the glory of autumn color in such an otherworldly and haunting landscape. The cypress tree's will be glowing with fall color surrounded by hanging moss and all reflecting in the still waters of the lakes, ponds and waterways.

This workshop will allow you to immerse yourself in the swamp and get images not possible while touring the area on larger boats as we will be floating on kayaks each day to some of the most remarkable and intimate locations only a kayak will afford.

This is not a typical landscape photography workshop. The best images will be made while we are floating amongst the cypress trees and truly immersing ourselves in the swamp experience. I will be conducting classroom session daily as well as sharing with you all the best techniques and practices to craft amazing images of the bayou.

Note: While using a kayak is quite easy in this location, no strong current or waves, some experience with kayaking will be helpful to allow the participant to feel comfortable on the water with your photo gear.

Eighty Percent of this workshop will be by kayak, paddling into small coves, ponds and up the bayou surrounded by bald cypress trees draped in Spanish moss and outrageous color, reaching areas that larger boats simply just cannot access.


Participants should expect to be in a kayak or canoe for up to 6 hours a day and be able to paddle for that time period. There will be no hiking on this workshop and photography from the shorelines will be a short and easy walk.

Temperatures this time of year can range from 40 - 70 degrees, with colder mornings expected. It will be important to wear layers of clothing that can also get wet. The depth of Caddo Lake averages 4 feet, so should you fall out of your canoe it will be easy to get back in. Also at this time of year the temps are too cold and alligators are for the most part dormant.


We have secured a block of discounted rooms at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Marshall, Texas, which will be our home base and is the nearest city to Caddo Lake and the tiny town of Uncertain. Participants may stay anywhere in the area that they would like. The hotel will be where classroom sessions will be held and our meeting point each day.

The nearest major airport is Dallas which is a three hour drive to our location. Other airports options are Shreveport, Louisiana (45 min drive), Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

A standard rental car will be fine for this workshop.

All kayak rentals are included in the workshop. If you have your own kayak that you would prefer to bring then please do so.

Workshop itinerary

We will meet on day one,October 30, in the late afternoon at our hotel for a meet and greet and orientation of the areas we will be photographing, including the best techniques to capture good images in the field and especially on the water. From there we will head out for a group dinner. The days that follow will begin well before sunrise as we explore by kayak to capture as much of the early light and potential fog that we can that can make for some really ghostly and ephemeral images. We will then return either for a late breakfast or even lunch, depending on how everyone feels out on the water. While photography is the primary goal of this workshop, paddling through these waterways is a such a beautiful experience that we can certainly linger for hours taking in the incredible scenery and working lots of amazing compositions of the cypress. We will conduct classroom editing sessions in the middle of the day and head out again in the late afternoon for more photography into sunset. The workshop will conclude after our sunrise session on November 3.

All the Glitters
Cypress Blush
Mystical Morning
Autumnal Tapestry
Smoke in the Swamp