Autumn in the Great Smoky Mountains Photo Workshop - October 22-26, 2023 - 2 Spots Open

COST: $2195.00 - (500.00 Deposit)
Limit: 8 Participants - 2 Spots Open
INSTRUCTOR: Joseph Rossbach

*Authorized Tour Provider by Great Smoky Mountains NP, USNPS


The Great Smoky Mountains are part of the larger Appalachian Mountain Range, one of the worlds oldest mountain ranges and are situated in a location where northern and souther tree species mix, making it one of the richest and most biodiverse parks on the planet. Over this workshop you will have a chance to explore and photograph world class streams & rivers, meadows and coves, mountain top vistas, world class fall colors and a kaleidoscope of color in the m any woodland and forest locations we will visit.

A few notable locations we will visit include Tremont, Cades Cove, Foothills Parkway, Newfound Gap/Clingman's Dome & other mountain top overlooks, Greenbriar and Big Run, the Little River and many more.

Tour Schedule

Day 1: Meet and greet followed by opening presentations on shooting in the park, composition and use of light starting at 3:30pm. Afternoon/sunset shoot (approx. 2 hours).

Day 2: On day two, we will be out for sunrise and a morning shoot. That afternoon we will go over editing images in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. This session will include how to develop RAW files, use masking and targeted adjustments to balance tonality and color and creative techniques in Photoshop to process images to perfection. That afternoon, we will head back out to shoot until after sunset.

Day 3:
On day three, we will once again be out shooting sunrise and morning light until it is no longer productive. In the afternoon, we will be working on how to best prepare our images for print. This will include sizing the image, sharpening and using printing profiles to get accurate color and tone in the final print. We will have an Epson Printer in class that we will use to produce a print and analyze the color and tone.After class, we are back in the field with another afternoon/sunset field session.

Day 4:
On day four, we are out again in the early morning shooting for several hours. In the afternoon, we will be looking at the participants work in a group critique session and helping each student pick an image for print. Joe will then help everyone size, sharpen and prepare the image for printing. Each participant will produce a fine art print that you will take home with you. We will supply print tubes to safely take your final print back home. That afternoon, we will a sunset field session followed by a group dinner.

Day 5:
On day five, we will be out for our final sunrise photo shoot and be back to the hotel by no later than 10am

What You Will Learn - The Craft and the Creative Adventure

  • Best Gear and Practices
  • Working the Light, Metering and Proper Exposure
  • Managing Depth of Field and Critical Sharpness
  • Advanced Photography Composition
  • Working with Filters - Controlling & Modifying Natural Light
  • Focus Stacking, Pano Stitching and Exposure Blending
  • Shooting Black & White
  • Image Development in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

The Creative Adventure:

  • Seeing the Light
  • Exploring Concepts such as minimalism, juxtaposition, creative Bokeh and more
  • Long & Short Exposure Techniques
  • ICM & Creative Blurs
  • Advanced Composition
  • Working with multiple Aspect Ratios

Tour Includes

  • Guiding, Field and Classroom Instruction
  • Digital Darkroom Workflow
  • Image Critiques

Not Included

  • Lodging, airfare & car rental
  • Meals
  • Transportation ( we set up a car pool to maximize efficiency and reduce our footprint while in the park)


Our base of operations will be in Townsend, Tennessee known as the peaceful side of the Smokies. This location is situated at the entrance to the Smokies and provides quick access to some to the more beautiful areas we'll be photographing. We’ll e-mail you the hotel in Townsend where we have a block of rooms reserved as soon as you register.

Fitness Level

Easy/Moderate - The wonderful thing about the Smokies that almost all locations over the workshop require little to no long hikes. That being said, we will be scrambling up and down hillsides and along streams, creeks and rivers over rocky and uneven terrain, so having some level of moderate fitness and balance is a must.


All deposits are non-refundable and the final balance is due no less than 90 days from the start of the workshop. You can simply log back onto this page and choose the final payment amount and checkout.