Digital Darkroom Video Tutorials

In these tutorials, I'll be showing you my digital darkroom techniques and sharing my thoughts about each decision so you can better understand not only the technical, but also creative aspects of the craft. Each tutorial will cover many, many topics and come with files to work along at your own pace.

My workflow is non-destructive: you can usually go back and make changes to any step. Only Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom (or Camera Raw) are necessary, though I do recommend the TK7 Panel for masking as we use that often for creating selections in Photoshop. You should be comfortable with layers and masks in Photoshop to get the most out of these tutorials.

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Digital Darkroom: Volume 1
Run Time: 3:15

This tutorial includes three different Start to Finish tutorials "Mordor", "Painterly" & "Red Dragon", in which I cover my entire processing workflow for these images starting in Adobe Lightroom and ending in Adobe Photoshop. I also explain my thought process and creative decisions I made while photographing these scenes. The main techniques demonstrated are, but not limited to, RAW development, enhancing light, shaping light, dodging and burning, color separation, light painting, painting with color, panoramic stitching, controlling contrast, focus stacking, orton, and many more techniques.

Cost: 59.95 USD
Run time:
3:15 minutes
Programs Used in Digital Post Production: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC & TK 7 Rapid Luminosity Masks
You can download the TK Mask Panel here.

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