Photography Webinars & Online Classes

Can't travel or get outside to practice your photography? Want to keep your skills in tip-top shape in between workshops and photo trips? Attend a live webinar event & learn photography skills, tips, and tricks--and get a dose of inspiration and energy--right from the comforts of your home or anywhere you have access to the internet.

Join me for an educational presentations on a dedicated topic from post processing to perfecting your compositions and beyond. By attending a live webinar event, you'll learn essential techniques to improve your outdoor photography and digital darkroom skills.

Attendance is limited, so register early! Those who register will receive a link to the recording at the conclusion of the event. If you cannot attend, but wish to see the recording later, you can either register for the live event or access it on demand at anytime after the event concludes. Here are my upcoming webinar events:

Upcoming Webinars:

Creative Image Processing & Workflow One Day Class
Date: Apr 11, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) - 7 hour class
99.00 USD

Description: Over many years as a pro landscape and nature photographer I have developed many different ways of creatively processing images. From Grand Landscapes to Intimate Scenes there are many techniques that can be used for a variety of creative results in processing. In this one day class, we will take a deep dive into image development both in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. I will be taking you through a complete workflow process over the course of the day.

Class Schedule:

1. Basic RAW Development: - 1.5 hours starting at 9am (New York)

In the first class we will discuss all of the basic development panels, using custom profiles, creating and using presets as well as the selective adjustment tools

2. Photoshop Workflow: Layers Adjustments, Brushes & Luminosity Masks in Photoshop - 2 hours starting at 12 noon (New York)

I will get you up to speed on the most important things a nature & landscape photographer needs to know when working in Adobe Photoshop. We will discuss Layer Adjustments, using masks and brushes to selectively apply adjustments, working with luminosity masks for even greater control and how to use blending modes to better control tone and color as well as for creative adjustments.

3. Putting It All Together: 6 Examples from start to finish - 3 hours starting at 3pm (New York)

In this class we take all we have learned and figure out how to process 6 very different landscape/nature photos for creative results. This is the fun stuff folks where we get to now be creative in our development and find ways to work the image to its best potential. Students will be provided with the 6 raw files to be able to work along with the instruction in this class.

All three classes will be edited and recorded and anyone who registers for the webinar will have access to the recording for one year after the class date.

Previous Webinars:

  • Landscape Composition
  • Mastering Lightroom
  • Focus Stacking
  • Dodging & Burning in Photoshop
  • Working with TK Luminosity Masks
  • Processing Waterfall Images
  • Creative BW Processing
  • Developing Autumn Images
  • Creative Image Blending
  • Photoshop Processing Techniques
  • Lightroom Advanced Color
  • Creative Selective Adjustments in Lightroom
  • Fine Art Inkjet Printing


  • Thanks Joe. It was a great session and it is really gracious of you to send a recording

  • Thanks, Joe. You were inspiring and informative, as usual.

  • Hey Joe! Thanks SO much for the webinar yesterday! It was awesome! Can’t wait to do more.

  • It was excellent!! Very informative.. Thank you !

  • Great job today Joe. The presentation was clear concise and informative with some excellent visual examples to support the concepts that were well explained.

  • Thanks for your generous sharing in the Landscape Photography Composition webinar. You not only used your outstanding work to illustrate excellent compositions, but explained the approaches you took in crafting the images. I believe we all learned or deepened an understanding of technique and gained perspective on photographic vision. Thoughts like how you wait for the light to bring shadows that shape leading lines, or your use of long exposures to reveal lines in flowing water and moving clouds. Considering the wide range of material you touched on - compositional shapes and elements, advice for getting the most from different times of day, grand and intimate landscapes, post-processing considerations, etc - and that you offered this at no charge, made for quite an excellent tour. Certainly an hour+ well spent, with a contemporary master of landscape photography.