Limited Edition Fine Art Nature Photography Wall Art

Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Prints

Looking for something that will make a statement in your home or office? My collections of breathtaking fine art images can transform your interior design. The images in my collections are the culmination of over 25 years of mastering the art and craft of nature & landscape photography. Each image in the collections has been selected for their representation of subject, composition, dramatic light, color accuracy and detail.

Authenticity & Integrity

Every piece of fine art from my limited edition collections comes signed and numbered in editions of 100 - 200. With each purchase of a limited edition piece of fine art, a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also given with the artwork. This process preserves the integrity of your fine art purchase.

Guaranteed Quality

I am confident that you will love my prints. I offer a full refund (up to $5000, and not including return postage) for any print* returned in new condition within 30 days of receipt. The refund will be processed once I receive the returned print. I will replace at no charge any print that has been damaged in transit, although that is highly unlikely.

Refunds will not be given for prints damaged due to neglectful storage or handling by the owner. The prints should always be stored or displayed in a dry room out of direct sunshine.

Autumn Colors Limited Edition Art Wall Art For Sale

American Southwest Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

Streams & Waterfalls Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

Forest & Tree's Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

Majestic Mountains Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

Natures Design/Abstract Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

Ocean & Sea Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

The American Prairie & Badlands Limited Edition Wall Art For Sale

Print Styles & Options

I have carefully selected my print styles and mediums to give collectors a number of options when choosing a fine art print. Limited edition fine art prints have a loose print option, while the rest of the mediums come ready to hang as ©Truelife Masterwork/Acrylic Prints and Gallery Contemporary Metal Prints.

Image Sizes Available Depicted Above: Couch in Photo is 6.5 feet long for refrence

Truelife Acrylic Prints ready to Hang

The Truelife© Lumachrome Acrylic print is a ready to hang, finished art masterpiece. It is museum quality grade, designed to maintain color vibrancy for over 120 years. It boasts unmatched detail and print sharpness, superior color range ability, and an incredible depth and dimensionality which creates an almost 3D look.

The Lumachrome Acrylic print is the absolute finest quality fine art photographic product on the market. It has the best color range representation, bright and vibrant colors, detailed shadow areas, and overall detail and sharpness. Because of the Iridium metal particles in the inks, the print reflects light so well that it gives the impression of a back lit photograph. If you are after the best of the best, look no further.


The ChromaLuxe Metal print is a paperless fine art product, combining ink and aluminum. The technology itself is a very impressive process. First the digital image is printed onto what is referred to as “transfer paper”. It is then pressed against an aluminum sheet under high pressure and high temperature. This causes the inks to be literally infused from the paper onto the metal and are also sealed. This part of the process is called dye sublimation. Therefore, the parts of the finished print are:

  • INK FACE – This is the sealed ink layer from the transfer paper. It has a clear, scratch resistant, high-gloss coating.
  • WHITE SURFACE BASE – This is a thin white layer base on top of the aluminum, which allows the colors to be very vibrant.
  • ALUMINUM METAL SHEET – This layer is the reason why this product is referred to, by most people, as a “metal print”. Instead of the ink print being on a paper surface, it is on an aluminum metal surface.
  • PROTECTIVE BACKING – An acid-free black coating layer is applied to the back of the aluminum sheet, to provide sturdiness and rigidity.
  • RECESS FLOATING FRAME – The frame is an elegant, recessed rectangle which allows the image to be hung on a wall by giving it a floating look. It also provides additional stability of the entire construction.

The final product ChromaLuxe Metal print is a ready to hang, finished art masterwork. It has tremendous image quality, archival properties, and physical durability. When I used to sell metal prints in Breckenridge, Colorado people would walk in the gallery and ask me if they were back lit, because of the amazing color vibrancy.

Loose Fine Art Prints

When it comes to photographic art, framed prints are an excellent option and timeless tradition. I offer high end, loose prints for framing, so if you're interested in framing your print, then this is the option for you. This option allows you the choice to take your print to a framer and end up with a final piece that matches your personal decor and style in your home or office. I offer fine art prints from sizes 12" x 18" up to 40" x 60".

All my images are produced on the finest grade photographic papers to match the quality of light, texture and color in the image.

All limited edition prints come with artist’s signature and Certificate of Authenticity showing the edition number you have purchased.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your print.