Golden, Zion National Park

After three consecutive workshops (two backcountry camping workshops), I took the day for myself to hike the Virgin River Narrows, a place that I have spent a lot of time shooting in the past. The weather was perfect on this day, crystal clear and hot, for a refreshing afternoon up the river. The downfall was it was crowded....more people then I have ever encountered in the Narrows, but I made the best of it!

While I was set up on this composition, I had to wait a good deal of time for the crowds to come down canyon before I could take the shot. Some guy walked within 5 feet behind me and stood there with this annoyed expression. He was obviously pissed that I was taking so long to capture the image. I assured him that I would be done asap, but maybe it was a better idea if he found his own comp instead of stomping mine! He didn't like my advice :) 

It's so lame when someone just walks right up on you and sets up exactly where you're shooting...I mean come on is that the best you can do. When I see another photographer working I shot I avoid it like the plague because whats the point in being involved in a creative medium if your not going to be creative! rant over....soapbox departed...moving on. 

Golden, Zion National Park, Utah

Joe RossbachComment