Winter in the Southwest: New Release Gallery

01/20/2021  |  Colorado Plateau & Mojave Deserts

I love to visit the desert in the winter months. The atmosphere is clean and clear, the crowds are low and the chance of having fresh snow blanket the landscape can be magical. This winter I teamed up with my good friend and fellow photographer Mark LaRowe. Mark is a western lifestyle, rodeo and nature photographer based out of beautiful Helena, Montana. Mark was kind enough to drive down from Montana and pick me up in Salt Lake City for an eleven day adventure on the Colorado Plateau and Mojave desert.

We encountered some really great conditions on the trip with lots of fresh snow and some amazing light. We drove almost 2,000 miles in those eleven days, spent most night camping in off the grid locations and explored a few new locations including a trip out to a remote overlook at Marble Canyon. It was great to get out for a bit and spend time doing what I love to do with great company. Looking forward to another great adventure with Mark in the near future. Maybe I can convince him to travel back east and show him around some of my favorite photographic haunts in the Appalachians.