Black & White

Classic Black & White Landscape Prints For Sale

“A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.” – Ansel Adams

I first picked up a camera, Pentax K1000, at the age of 14 after having enrolled in a Black & White Darkroom course in High School. It was one of those moments in life that totally alters its current trajectory. I fell in love with the art of photography and it has been the driving force behind every decision I have made in life since that day. Starting out as a photographer who worked with film and developed and printed his own images has given me a unique perspective and education in photography that has in many ways shaped my style and vision. Now that digital technology has replaced film for me and the computer and software replaced the wet darkroom, I still use many of the same approaches and techniques I used when shooting and developing film for over fifteen years and have applied them to my digital workflow.

This collection of work represents my best black and white photographs. The images are always pre-visualized as black and white, but shot in color as a RAW file with the intention of converting it to a black & white image in the digital darkroom.

Each image is available as limited edition museum quality photographic art, signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity for additional provenance. Each print has a strict production limit of 200. Purchasing a piece of original photographic art from my collections can be completed by using the drop down menus found on every image page. Simply click on the image, make your size and surface selections, enter your personal information and proceed to check out. All transactions are completed using PayPal or Stripe payment systems and are safe and secure.