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Instructional Processing Videos

In these video series, I will walk you through my post processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop with a special emphasis on using luminosity masks for precise tone and color control, as well as many other techniques I have mastered over 20 years off working with Photoshop. Each video tackles a new set of techniques and shows how to use these techniques under different lighting conditions for a clean, polished and professional look. I use Tony Kuyper Luminosity Masks (TKActions V5/V6 panels for Photoshop CC), so it is recommended you have download the latest TK Panel before diving into these tutorials.  My workflow is designed to be non-destructive - you can go back and make changes at any step in the process.

 A downsized PSD will be included with each video for you to follow along with, as well as the actions I use. I recommend understanding layers and masks in Photoshop.

PARCHED - Instructional Video
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New Video - Parched

Duration:  90 to 120 minutes, tbd 

Start to finish instruction including processing the RAW file in Adobe Lightroom CC, using luminosity masks in Photoshop for precise color correction and tone, clarity techniques for "pop", painting with light, using puppet warp for more precise control of foreground perspective, color correction through camera raw smart filters, dodging and burning with luminosity masks, Orton Blur for clean sky and finally sharpening, sizing and watermarking for web presentation.

ON SALE - This video is under production and will be released on January 11, 2018. Order in advance and get it for only $39.95 .  You will receive the sample PSD file immediately for download. The actually video download link will be sent out by no later than 11pm pst on January 11, 2018.