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Forever Light: Landscape Photographers Guide to Iceland

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Forever Light: Landscape Photographers Guide to Iceland


Forever Light: Landscape Photographers Guide to Iceland


Iceland’s scenery is world-renowned and world-class. It is a place photographer’s dream about visiting (and the dreams don’t stop once you’ve been there).  Until now, there have been no good in-depth resources on photographing Iceland’s natural landscapes. Our e-book, Forever Light: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Iceland, is designed to fill this gap. Forever Light contains:

  • Information on more than 30 of the best Iceland photography locations, with detailed directions and GPS coordinates for each.
  • Each location description contains sample photographs, seasonal considerations, and advice on how to approach and photograph the subject.
  • Over 90 high-quality photographs to both inform and inspire.  Technical information (including exposure settings) is included for every photo.
  • Basic travel information, including lodging and transportation, seasonal variations, weather, and hazards to help you in getting started in planning your trip.
  • Tips for choosing when to visit Iceland for a landscape photography trip.
  • Recommended gear and gear considerations.
  • 96 full-size high resolution pages, ready for viewing on your tablet, computer monitor, or phone.

This book is perfect for any photographer planning to visit (or re-visit) Iceland, and will also appeal to any non-photographer interested in Iceland’s natural scenery.  We developed this e-book to be the guide we wished we had for our first trip to Iceland.

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