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Monsoon Madness

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Sweeping desert vistas featuring massive canyons, hoodoos, and twisted, otherworldly stone formations, high odds for dramatic thunderstorm light, colorful reflected light in sandstone slot canyons, and an included night of camping at White Pocket, with the option of staying a second night for an additonal fee.

Itinerary: Aug 3 - We will have a 2-3 hour meet-and-greet during the early afternoon during which Joseph and I will speak with you all about everything we will cover over the course of the workshop. After this meet-and-greet, we will head out to photograph sunset at one of many nearby locations.

Aug 4, 5 - We will be based in Page, but we will not have a set day-to-day shooting schedule for this workshop. Possible locations include: Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, Waterholes Canyon and the Navajo Wave,  Paria Badlands, Stud Horse Point, and Rimrocks Hoodoos, among others. Joseph and I are professionals, and we have each spent many months of our lives photographing in this area. We will take into consideration weather conditions, safety concerns, as well as our participants' personal goals, and we will make decisions to put everybody in the best position possible to create compelling images. For the duration of the workshop, we will be out in the field each day, photographing before dawn, and late into the evening, breaking after sunset. What we do in between depends upon the weather. If conditions are conducive to making images throughout the day, we will most likely do so. If they are not, we will hold informal classroom sessions, going over basic and advanced digital workflow topics (as mentioned above.) We will break for meals, and we will also be certain to plan for a few hours each day to nap, relax, and back up images as needed.

Aug 6 - After a sunrise shoot and breakfast, our outfitters will drive us to White Pocket, where we will camp overnight. The outfitters will handle setup and breakdown of camp, and cooking, so that we may simply enjoy the scenery and focus on photography.

Aug 7 - We will break by noon, after a final morning shoot at White Pocket, and brunch at our camp.

For those interested, Joseph and I are offering an additional overnight at White Pocket. After seeing off the departing members of our group on Aug 7, we will load back in to the outfitters' 4x4s, and head straight back to White Pocket for another overnight. This supplement costs $500. If you are interested in this, please be sure to check the appropriate box when submitting your registration.