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Ultimate Web Sharpening Video

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Ultimate Web Sharpening Video


Ultimate Web Sharpening Video


The most powerful and comprehensive web sharpening video has arrived on the market! With a myriad of sharpening techniques out there including third party programs it can be very hard to cut through the clutter and figure out what the very best techniques are and how to have TOTAL CONTROL of sharpening for web presentation. Ultimate Web Sharpening takes the viewer through the evolution of fine art sharpening for web and, step by step, shows how we have arrived at where we are today. Then the video takes a refreshing turn, by cutting through the clutter and laying out what many of the top photographers are doing today to truly maximize their web sharpening. This video is not a one button push for good web images. What it is, is a comprehensive look at and approach to getting the very most out of fine web sharpening. Although the video does give general linear steps to follow to maximize workflow, it also greatly encourages creative, custom, experimentation of the techniques/tools to find your own “best” way to use the best tools we have today for web sharpening, with some critical secret twists. Video is 3 hours 15 minutes.

Major sections: 
1. Intro
2. The Evolution of Web Sharpening
3. Intermediate Pre-Sharpening (Mark Adamus's innovative contribution)
4. Capture Sharpening
5. Workflow Steps Listed
6. General Introduction into the Basic Workflow
7. Bonus Section: Grain Simulation
8. The New Smart Sharpen
9. The Camera Raw Filter - Deconvolution Sharpening
10. How it all comes together
11. Fast and Easy
12. Last Bonus Section Threshold Masking
13. Actions
14. Summary

Video: MP4 Format, 3+ Hours

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