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Mastering Fine Art Printing & Color Management

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Mastering Fine Art Printing & Color Management


Mastering Fine Art Printing & Color Management


Truly mastering the various processes for print can be a daunting task sometimes and maybe even intimidating. But it is also incredibly rewarding to produce a spectacular perfected art piece from our precious images. In this video, veteran master print maker and digital imaging specialist Mark Metternich helps take the viewer through the sometimes incredibly complicated jargon and techniques and makes them both "real world" and easy to apply!  This video is for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their prints or even perfect them. Segments dealt with are:   

Color Space Options
Soft-proofing in Camera Raw
Soft-proofing in Lightroom 
Print vs Web Calibration
Monitor Choices for Critical Editing
Working Space Background Choices 
Evaluating the Critical Hard Proof
Dealing With Labs
De-saturating Tip
Gamut Warning
Price Structuring 
Lab / Paper / Mounting Recommendations

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