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Improve your photographic vision & technique with educational and inspirational photography ebooks and video tutorials by Joseph Rossbach and other acclaimed photographers.

Photographing Wild Water

Photographing Wild Water is 122 pages of information and inspirational images. the 7 chapters of the book, Equipment, Essential Techniques, Image Design, Getting Creative, 8 Examples, Digital Darkroom Techniques & Amazing Locations covers every aspect of the creative and technical process of shooting waterfalls, streams and cascades from capture to develop allowing you to learn the essentials of pro landscape images of wild water.

Photographing Wild Water contains:

Equipment choices from DSLR’s to lenses, filters, tripods and much more

  • Essential techniques such as exposure, composition, understanding the histogram, shutter speed and much more
  • Getting creative with alternative capture techniques from ultra-long exposure to multiple exposure and much more
  • 8 image examples take you through the creative process on some of Joe’s most popular waterfall images
  • Digital darkroom techniques in both Lightroom and Photoshop specifically for water photographs
  • Amazing locations with notes to get you started exploring some of the best places for wild water photography
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Compelling Compositions eBook

Compelling Compositions: Image Design principles is an ideal resourse for both beginning and advanced photographers. This eBook explains the basics on composition from the rule of thirds, using lines, power shapes, counterpoint, simplicity and color juxtaposition. With explanations in easy-to-understand, common language and over 40+ beautiful color illustrations, this book will have you making better photographs after only the first read.

45 Page ebook

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Amazing Autumn Images eBook

Amazing Autumn Images is the second eBook in a series of inspirational and instructional guides for photographers looking to learn new techniques to elevate their nature and landscape photography skills to the next level. Amazing Autumn Images is a 24 pages, downloadable eBook.


Autumn is no doubt one of the most exciting season for outdoor photographers. The temps are cool, the bugs have gone away and the landscape is painted in a tapestry of color. Whether your in the Rocky Mountains shooting aspens against towering mountains or capturing the mist and reflections in a glacial pond in Vermont, there are a few key techniques and considerations for coming home with the best fall color photographs. In this inspirational and educational eBook filled with stunning full color photographs we will explore my top 10 tips to improve your chances of coming home with amazing autumn images!

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Creative Interpretations

Photography is all about interpretation. From focal length to aperture and shutter speed, to composition and post-processing, a photographer makes many decisions that interpret the subject. The subject can be presented in an atypical manner that may challenge our perceptions or by delving into the abstract, the viewer can be left guessing as to what the subject really is. In this instructional eBook, Nikhil takes you into the realm of conceptualizing and interpreting the scene that is to be captured by the creative photographer. Using his photographs and experiences as examples, Nikhil shares many ideas and offers plenty of insights on how you can reach a new level of creativity with your photography.

The 77-page eBook includes over 60 of Nikhil's stunning nature photographs. It covers a variety of topics from landscapes to abstracts and controling the creative process.

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Flowers: Fine Art Techniques

Flowers: fine art photography techniques and tips is all about fine art flower photography. It’s a guide that shows you how to create your own beautiful fine art flower images that you’ll want to hang on your wall. Through descriptions of techniques, equipment, and creative approaches, I describe easy to follow instructions on how to create your own beautiful images. I also present many examples showing how I’ve applied these techniques and approaches in making each image shown in the book.

109 Page PDF formatted for desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Author: Shelley Ball

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Desert Paradise: Photographers Guide to Death Valley National Park

The name Death Valley conjures up images of inhospitable desolation, but those images couldn’t be further from the truth. Death Valley is a place of sublime beauty. From salt flats, to sand dunes, to colorful badlands, to dramatic mountain peaks Death Valley has a lot to offer the landscape photographer.

Death Valley National Park is also huge – the largest national park in the continental US. This size can be overwhelming to first-time visitors who don’t know where to start, and can also hide some of the lesser known gems that even repeat visitors miss.

Our book, Desert Paradise: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Death Valley National Park is designed to be useful to everyone, from first-time visitors to seasoned Death Valley visitors, from beginning photographers to serious amateurs and professionals. This book is much more than just a location guide. It also features detailed sections on photography technique specifically applicable to Death Valley landscapes, and a large selection of portfolio-quality Death Valley images.

In this book you will find:

  • Detailed information on 17 locations, ranging from classic Death Valley icons to off-the-beaten path locations. Each location includes several photos, directions and, when applicable, GPS coordinates.
  • Photography advice and techniques for Death Valley’s many landscapes, including tips on photographing salt flats, playas, sand dunes, badlands, abstracts, macros, black and white, and wildflowers
  • Over 150 photos highlighting the diversity of Death Valley’s landscape. Technical information (including exposure settings) is included for every photo
  • Basic travel information, including lodging and transportation, seasonal variations, weather, and hazards to help you in getting started in planning your trip
  • An additional 10 minor locations in the park are featured, as well as several other major locations located outside the park including Mono Lake, the Eastern Sierra, and Valley of Fire
  • Recommended gear and gear considerations
  • Maps highlighting every major location in the book
  • Suggested itineraries from one day to several weeks
  • A brief human and geologic history of the park
  • 134 full-size high resolution pages, ready for viewing on your tablet, computer monitor or phone
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Beyond the Grand Landscape

Among artistic disciplines, photographers face an enormous challenge: the scenes we photograph are real but also must be sought out. There is no blank canvas with which to start, but rather a rich tapestry of existing materials that  photographers have to make sense of and showcase in a way that reflects their artistic vision. Beyond the Grand Landscape teaches you how to do just that, and to master working with the smaller scenes and intimate details that are everywhere and available to photograph in all types of light throughout the day.

Beyond the Grand Landscape contains:

  • Twelve key creative concepts and field practices you can use to discover and photograph small scenes.
  • Exercises to facilitate your learning and application of the concepts the book teaches.
  • Analysis of all the different types of small scenes as subjects for photography.
  • Field techniques for macro, flowers, foliage, and abstract photographs.
  • Foundations of photographic composition and technical fundamentals.
  • Explanation of how light, weather, and atmospheric conditions enhance these images.
  • Discussion of how an image's mood establishes an emotional connection to viewers.
  • An image showcase of twelve small scene images, detailing choices on composition, light, mood, and processing.
  • A discussion of photo-processing techniques and fundamentals that includes a walk-through of three images from start to finish. 
  • More than 250 images!

174 page Digital PDF ebook Download

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2. How can I save your video tutorials on an Apple iOS device? Unfortunately Apple iOS devices  will not permit video downloads from the web, as Apple only permits video downloads from the Apple iTunes and App Stores. (You may open the video files in Safari but you cannot save the videos to your device.) To view our videos on an iOS device, purchase from a computer and then sync the file over iTunes to your device.         

3. How do I transfer one of your ebooks from my computer to a tablet for viewing? For iOS devices, Apple provides instructions for how to transfer PDFs from Itunes to Ibooks so you can read any PDF on your computer on your device.  Amazon also provides information on how to transfer personal documents to its Kindle readers. (Our ebooks, however, only display well on the color screens of the newer Kindle Fire series; they are difficult to read on the smaller grey screens of earlier Kindle models, which are not designed to handle color magazines and books.)

4. How do I view one of your ebooks on my computer? All of our ebooks are PDF format files. Numerous programs read and display PDF files.  Your computer, however, might not have a PDF reader installed.  If so, Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe, the inventor of the PDF format. 

5. Do you sell print books? Our books are all in digital format and are optimized for display on computer screens, tablets, and other mobile devices. Print versions of the books would need to be priced substantially higher than our ebooks are because of paper and binding costs. We think our ebooks provide amazing value and show off content well.

6. Can I print a book myself?  Our ebooks are designed to display on computers and tablets, rather than print, however—and printing so many pages might also get pricey!

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