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Chamber of Light, Secret Slot Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arizona

Desert Canyonlands

Chamber of Light, Secret Slot Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arizona


Chamber of Light, Secret Slot Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arizona

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Many millions have visited Lower and Upper Antelope slot Canyons in the past decade, but very few realize that there are hundreds of slot canyons just as and in some cases even more spectacular all over the Colorado Plateau. I was all alone when I captured this image of Secret Slot on the Navajo Reservation. These slot canyons are my church, my cathedral. If there is indeed a God or greater power, in these places I have felt the closest connection to that power.


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Our fine-art gallery prints are produced by West Coast Imaging. The prints are produced on traditional photographic paper using West Coast's Chromira RA-4 printer. The Chromira is the ultimate fine-art photographic printer and uses red, green and blue lasers to expose the paper. Once West Coast finishes the print, it is rolled up and shipped to Joe for his signature and limited-edition numbering.

As our photographic paper of choice, Fuji Crystal Archive paper is the accepted standard for "fine-art" photographic gallery prints. This exceptional paper offers the vivid color and contrast of Cibachrome paper with twice the archival life expectancy. Under normal viewing conditions, Fuji Corporation claims that the rich colors in your print will show no sign of color shift or fading for a period of 40-60 years even without the added protection of standard glass.